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Welcome to The Synapse Project.

Our mission is to encourage young women to enter the field of neuroscience through information and mentorship. This website is designed to aid students in learning about the brain and current neuroscience research. In addition, this project connects young women to distinguished leaders in the neuroscience community (our Advisory Board) who can provide advice, networking, and unique opportunities for internships and jobs. Feel free to comment on our website or email us to receive individual mentorship.

We are so happy to have you on board!


What the Synapse Project is doing is absolutely wonderful for the empowerment of curious minds and female engagement in neuroscience fields. As Director, I hope to support our (meaning us young female scientists’) curiosity and our passion for learning – about our brains, behaviors, and the science that explains them. 

- Jane Doherty, age 16, Director of The Synapse Project

The Synapse Project helped me embark on my neuroscience career and it is a true pleasure to be able to develop such a fun project as Director. I hope to further strengthen the “synapses” between aspiring neuroscientists and experienced leaders in the field.

– Megumi Sano, age 17, 2016-17 Director of The Synapse Project

Just as a “synapse” is the junction between two nerve cells, I want this website to serve as a junction between esteemed neuroscience leaders and young women who aspire to join the exciting community of researchers, doctors, and policy advisors, passionate about the brain.

– Grace Greenwald, age 20, Founder of The Synapse Project

I’m interested in the connection between nutrition and neuroscience and hope to learn more about how food affects the brain. I served as the 2015-16 Director of the project and am excited to continue working with Megumi, Grace and Jamie on Synapse outreach.  

– Evan Doherty, age 19, 2015-16 Director of The Synapse Project

I have gotten to see first-hand how a few young women can make a huge impact in the field of neuroscience. I only wish there was such an amazing program when I was in high school and college, providing invaluable resources and helping to navigate the broad field!

- Jamie Cavanaugh, age 31, Project Manager of The Synapse Project 


Jane Doherty


Megumi Sano

Former Director

Evan Doherty

Former Director

Grace Greenwald


Jamie Cavanaugh

Project Manager


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