Curated here are exceptional studies and articles that have come up in recent news.


An online journal in Molecular and Cellular research in synaptic maintenance and organization, neuron-glia communication, and regenerative neurobiology.  >> link

Browse online journals in neuro-research. >> link

Dr. John Medina is a developmental molecular biologist who wrote his book, Brain Rules, to help explain the science behind everyday brain functions including sleep, multitasking etc.  >> link

The book Synaptic Self by Joseph LeDoux presents the biological reasoning behind emotions and memories, and how synaptic connections channel the way we all think and feel. >> link


In Blindspot, Mahzarin Banaji and Anthony Greenwald explore hidden biases that we all carry from a lifetime of experiences with social groups – age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexuality, disability status, or nationality. >>link

An online journal in cognitive, affective, and behavioral neuroscience and research. >> link

A book by Oliver Sacks on different cognitive neurological disorders, and the parts of the brain they stem from. >> link

This book by V.S. Ramachandran takes a look at the diagnosis, cures, and science behind many cognitive neurological disorders and deficits such as anosognosia, phantom limb pain, and blindsight. >> link

Another book by Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain,which describes the fascinating connection between music and the brain. >> link

Medicinal Research

A book by Kevin Alloway, Medicinal Neuroscience, which goes into depth about the role the brain plays in central nervous systems and provides basic information about the development of the brain, a well as its value in the medicinal world. >> link

An online journal that provides research articles and critical reviews on the molecular and biochemical basis of neurological disorders. >> link

Women in STEM

A guide for teachers depicting ways they can encourage young girls to become more interested in the STEM disciplines. >> link

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A comic book written by Dr. Hana Ros and Dr. Matteo Farinella, which freely explores the world of the brain, taking strolls through a forest of pyramidal cells and meeting historical figures like Santiago Ramón y Cajal on the way. The website has some excerpts from the comic as well as a short film showing the two neuroscientists’ collaboration on the making of the book! Neurocomic