Welcome to The Synapse Project’s “Introduction to Neuroscience” Independent Study course! Below you will find all the materials for a nine-week neuroscience class that you can complete from home. Happy learning!

Week 1 ~ Neurons and the Nervous System

Week 2 ~ The Senses

Week 3 ~ Cognition

Week 4 ~ Sleep

Week 5 ~ Drugs and the Brain

Week 6 ~ Emotions and Mood Disorders

Week 7 ~ Neurological Disorders

Week 8 ~ Brain Imaging

Week 9 ~ Social Neuroscience

Final Survey

Links to other Introduction to Neuroscience courses:

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Harvard University

Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Understanding the Brain, Vanderbilt University

Optimizing Brain Fitness, George Washington University

Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life, University of Chicago

Circadian Clocks: How Rhythms Structure Life 

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