These links are to biographies and on some of the many devoted neuroscientists and researchers in the field today; selected texts include profiles of educators, researchers, and prize winners.

Jill Bolte Taylor describes her “Stroke of Insight” in this enlightening and humorous TED talk. >> link

Vilayanur Ramachandran explores different regions of the brain and how they relate to certain brain-based syndromes such as Capgras delusion, phantom limb syndrome, and synesthesia. >> link

Amishi Jha’s website with more links to studies of working memory, attention, and neurobehavioral science. >> link

Amishi Jha talks about her study of attention and mindfulness in her lab at the University of Miami. >> link

Virginia Valian explores cognitive-based research on language and the development of speech. >> link

A journal that includes the work of Torsten Nils Wiesel, a Nobel Prize winner in 1981 for physiology and medicine. His groundbreaking research includes the ways in which information is processed through the visual system, and breakthroughs about the functions of the cerebral hemisphere. >> link

A series of lecture videos by professor Sam Wang exploring the “neuroscience of everyday life.” Memory, stress, emotions, decisions, and how they relate to the neurons in your brain. These lectures include 3D animation of the brain. >> link

Hundreds of biographies of history’s most influential neuroscientists and their discoveries. >> link

A biography of Nancy Kopell, one of the first women to enter the combined field of mathematics and neuroscience. This site includes many biographies of women who have excelled in science. >> link

C. Sue Carter is an internationally-recognized neurobiologist studying behavior and development, and what affects them at an early age. This website has all of her publications. >> link

Adele Diamond is one of the founders and primary researchers in the field of cognitive function. >> link