Monthly Archives: January, 2013

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  • Recent Discoveries in Parkinsons and MS

    Articles about the most recent and cutting edge discoveries in Parkinsons, MS, autoimmune diseases, and much more.   >>link 

  • Traffic Inside Your Brain

        Visual representations and videos of the traffic inside your brain and inside neurons. Using bioluminescent proteins from a…

  • Interesting New Field in Neuroscience: Neuroethics

        A site about the interesting new field in neuroscience- neuroethics, covering the ethics of research related to neuroscience,…

  • Online Medical Newspaper

      An online medical newspaper connecting health and the brain in today’s world. >> link

  • The Puzzles and Myths of Brain Disease

      Multiple studies on the puzzles and myths of brain disease, and the science behind the answers. >> link

  • Discovery’s Top 10

      Discovery’s top 10 breakthroughs in brain research. >> link

  • A Virtual Brain

      An incredible new project to aid neuroscientists – a virtual brain. >> link

  • The Benefits of Brain Research

      A website showing the many different ways that brain research can beneficial-everything from medicine to economics to the judicial…