Career Page

There are many exciting careers to explore in the field of neuroscience — all of which are breaking new ground every day and discovering hidden connections in the brain!

  1. Biomedical Engineer

    Applies the principles of engineering to medicine. They study all major organ systems, including the brain and nervous system, to try and develop useful therapies.

  2. Neuroscientist

    General term for someone who studies the nervous system.

  3. Neuroanatomist

    Studies the structure (anatomy) of the nervous system

  4. Neurobiologist

    Studies the biology of the nervous system.

  5. Neurochemist

    Studies the chemistry (for example, neurotransmitters) of the nervous system.

  6. Neurolinguist

    Studies language processing in the brain.

  7. Neurological Surgeon

    Studies the biology of the nervous system.

  8. Neurologist

    An M.D. who diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system.

  9. Neuropathologist

    An M.D. or Ph.D. who studies diseases of the nervous system.

  10. Neuropharmacologist

    Studies the biology of the nervous system.

  11. Neurophysiologist

    Studies the physiology (electrical responses) of the nervous system.

  12. Neuropsychologist

    Studies brain/behavior relationships especially cognitive function.

  13. Neuroradiologist

    Uses imaging methods such as X-ray, MRI, CT and angiography to diagnose diseases of the nervous system.

  14. Physiological Psychologist

    Studies the neural mechanisms of perception and behavior through direct manipulation of the brains of nonhuman animal subjects in controlled experiments.

  15. Psychobiologist

    Studies biological foundations of the mind, emotions, and mental processes.

  16. Psychiatrist

    M.D. who diagnoses and treats mental disorders.

  17. Neuroscience Nurse

    Nurse who cares for patients with neurological disorders and assists other neuroscience-related health care professionals.

  18. Psychophysicist

    Measures perceptual abilities

  19. Electroneurodiagnostic Technician

    Records electrical activity from the brain (electroencephalograms; evoked potentials) and spinal cord.

  20. Researcher

    Neuroscience research involves many fields from molecular biology to genetics to behavioural psychology.

  21. Science & the media

    Journalists who can convey complex scientific findings in simple terms are in demand. You could find yourself using your scientific expertise to pursue a career in writing or even TV!