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  • The Synapse Project Featured in the Denver Post!

    An article about The Synapse Project’s Virtual Field Trips in the Denver Post!

  • A Video Game that Trains Computers to Map the Brain

    It’s citizen science at its best: in an effort to create a connectome of all the neurons and their connections…

  • The New Science of Mind

    Helen Mayberg featured in the New York Times!

  • A New Trend in Education: MOOCs

    MOOC: Massive Online Open Courses Hundreds of universities have begun to offer their courses free of charge in an online…

  • The Origin of Violence in the Brain

    “Human behavior is determined by a combination of genetic and environmental influences governing brain structure and function. Violence, therefore, ultimately…

  • Gender Gaps

    Scientific American Magazine tries to uncover why more women withdraw from science than men. Access charts and a more in-depth…

  • Mysterious Brain Circuitry Becomes Viewable

    With the ultimate goal of understanding the connection between brain cells, behavior and disease, neuroscientists at Stanford university have developed…

  • President Obama Hopes to Map the Human Brain

    The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a…

  • Recent Discoveries in Parkinsons and MS

    Articles about the most recent and cutting edge discoveries in Parkinsons, MS, autoimmune diseases, and much more.   >>link